The NEICAC Board acts as trustee of the Corporation’s assets and ensures that the organization is well managed and remains fiscally sound. The tripartite board, comprised of one representative from the private, public, and low-income populations in each of our seven counties exercises oversight of the organization’s operations and maintains the legal and ethical accountability of its staff and volunteers. The main responsibilities of a nonprofit board are often summarized in the “three Ds”:

DUTY OF CARE: Board members are expected to actively participate in organizational planning and decision-making and to make sound and informed judgments.

DUTY OF LOYALTY: When acting on behalf of the organization, board members must put the interests of the nonprofit before any personal or professional concerns and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

2022 NEICAC Staff & Board Members

DUTY OF OBEDIENCE: Board members must ensure that the organization complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and that it remains committed to its established mission.

The NEICAC Board Members must be active and agency advocates.

In addition to its legal responsibilities, the Board also has a fiduciary role by maintaining oversight of the nonprofit’s finances. Board members must evaluate financial policies, approve annual budgets, and review periodic financial reports to ensure that the organization has the necessary resources to carry out its mission and remains accountable to its donors and the general public. It is also the duty of the Board to hire the Executive Director and oversee their activities, mobilize private resources, develop and maintain agency public relations, initiate new programs, plan and evaluate programs, determine rules of the governing board, and select officers and committees.


Dan Byrnes, Waukon (Secretary/Treasurer)

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 1-2-2015 to indefinite

Jenny Cole, Lansing

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 9/24/18 to indefinite

Marcia Hesse, Waukon

Rep: Low-Income Sector

Term: 6-27-2016 to indefinite

Corey Cerwinkske, Waverly

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 1-3-2023 to indefinite

Shannon R. Michael, Waverly

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 2-23-2015 to indefinite

Melissa Nation, Waverly

Rep: Low-Income Sector

Term: 12-13-2021 to indefinite

Steve Breitbach, New Hampton

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 2-7-2022 to indefinite

Nick Winter, New Hampton

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 4-24-2017 to indefinite

Suellen Kolbet, New Hampton

Rep: Low-Income Sector

Term: 4-6-2021 to indefinite

Steve Doeppke, Elkader

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 1-2-2019 to indefinite

Wendy Shea, Guttenberg

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 8-22-2011 to indefinite

Sara Noack, Elkader

Rep: Low-Income Sector

Term: 4-16-2021 to indefinite

Jeff Bunn, Fayette

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 1-3-2023 to indefinite

Nina Brickman, Oelwein

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 3-22-21 to indefinite

Linda Voshell, Oelwein

Rep: Low-Income Sector

Term: 3-21-1988 to indefinite

Joseph Pisney, Lime Springs

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 1-2-2019 to indefinite

Janel Langreck, Cresco

(Vice Chair)

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 4-16-1990 to indefinite


Rep: Low-Income Sector


Shirley Vermace, Decorah

Rep: Public Sector

Term: 2-7-2022 to indefinite

Julie Wurtzel, Decorah

Rep: Private Sector

Term: 9-25-2000 to indefinite

Les Askelson, Decorah


Rep: Low-Income Sector

Term: 9-22-1993 to indefinite

Tabitha Chase, Farmersburg

Term: 10-18-2022 to indefinite



Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation (NEICAC) is a 501(c)3 private non-profit operating in NE Iowa. Charitable donations from individuals, businesses, school⁄church groups, made to NEICAC are always needed and may have a tax benefit to the donor.Individuals and families in your community struggle every day to provide basic needs such as food, shelter and utilities. Your contribution to NEICAC can make the difference to provide a hand-up to self-sufficiency.

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“Thank you for your fabulous work with the Decorah community & surrounding areas. All of you truly embody the spirit of hope & change people’s lives to not only help themselves but to encourage & help those around them. At a time when our country needs love & compassion, you & your staff deserve a well-deserved BRAVO.” 

Rachel Buresh

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“Embrace Iowa helped our family be getting us a stove. The stove we had was hazardous. When we would cook on it, it would stink the whole house up. Also, it leaked underneath the stove. That stove was so small that my two year old son could see inside the pan without standing on anything. Now, with our new stove we can cook without smelling anything or without cleaning up a leaky mess. Thanks so much for our new stove. We really appreciated it.”

Fayette County Resident



“Cheryl & Denise. Happy CACFP Week. You both are: Courageous & Calm as a Cucumber. Astounding & Accessible & Able. Cheerful & Capable. Fascinating & we are Fortunate to have you !! Positive & Peppy. Thanks for All you do!!”